Frequently asked questions


  • Does it cost anything to submit a project?

    Submitting your project requirements to us is completely free of charge. We'll look at your project and then give you a proposal of how we can help you.

  • Do I have to know lots about technology to use Airborne?

    We work with all sorts of clients, and as long as you are clear on your end goal, we'll work with you and educate you to make sure the best technology is used for your project.

  • When I submit a project, what can I expect back?

    If your project brief and requirements are not clear, we will provide a rough estimate and a request for more information. If your brief and requirements are clear, we will provide you with a quote, timeline, freelancer information and a way to pay your deposit to get the project started.

  • How do I pay for work I need doing?

    We typically request 50% of the estimated project fee upfront before work is started. With large projects, or projects over several months, a deposit and monthly staged payments can be made. Remainder fees need to be paid at project completion. We accept bank transfer and credit/debit card payments.

  • I'm having issues with my project, what should I do?

    Hopefully your project should never get to this level, but if you are having issues with your project or assigned freelancer, contact your Project Manager to have the issue rectified immediately.


  • How do I work for Airborne?

    Submit your details to us and if you qualify, we will arrange a call with you to discuss how you can fit in to our team.